Trilye Restaurant


Established in 2002, the Trilye concept brings you the highest quality seafood that nature offers. 

Located in the Gaziosmanpaşa quarter of Ankara, Trilye welcomes guests on Kuleli Street under the motto "Fish for health; Trilye for fish".
With health and taste being our highest priorities, Trilye’s local, fresh and natural seasonal dishes will overload your taste buds with pleasure.

As the recipient of a number of international awards for quality, we at Trilye are very mindful of fishing bans and standards related to the capturing of marine fish. 
Süreyya Üzmez, a retired military officer, has been interested in gastronomy for many years. He opened Trilye after working as the Head of Social Services in the Turkish General Staff for 10 years, and has managed to turn Trilye into a world-famous restaurant, extending beyond the limits of Turkey. He can often be found travelling the world to discover new gastronomy trends in the world and to keep himself up-to-date.

As Trilye began to gain domestic and international attention, he decided to share his expertise and experience with the public through articles and publications. With this in mind, he now publishes the quarterly gusto magazine, Trilye. Gourmet-author Süreyya Üzmez also pens a column for the Milliyet Newspaper’s Cadde Supplement entitled “Route of Flavors” on Mondays.

He has also produced and hosted a TV program called “Fish Tastes Best in Ankara” on TRT HD between 2011 and 2012, and between 2013 and 2014 he hosted “Turkish Chefs of the World Cuisine” on TRT Turk.
Since 2016, he has been sharing tips about seasonal fish and easy recipes every Sunday on FOX TV’s “Merve Yıldırım ile Benden Söylemesi”.

A member of the Turkish Culinary Professionals Association, the Turkish Association of Tourism Investors, Chaine des Rotisseurs and TURYAK Senior Council, Süreyya Üzmez has written three books to date, entitled “Trilye’s Passion for Fish”, “Trilye’s Journey of Appetizers” and “What’s on Trilye’s Hook?”
He is currently working on the “Blue Home” campaign, aimed at preventing off-season and illegal fishing, as well as increasing the consumption of fish among the public as the source of the highest quality animal protein.
  • Trilye'nin Balık Sevdası

    Trilye’s Passion for Fish

    This book has been written to promote and popularize seafood, and to highlight its significance for human life, beginning from childhood. The author has held a passion for the sea and fish since his childhood, and he is now trying to spread this passion to others by telling the story of “Trilye’s Passion for Fish”. This is not just another book of dull recipes in text format, but rather a feast of experimental recipes accompanied by exclusive photographs of the delicious dishes, as Süreyya Üzmez is as much an author as he is a gourmet, and is someone who knows and reflects the colors of life. Let’s look at our homeland and the seas through his eyes, and see what we can find. This book is the best and the most original of its kind.

  • Trilye'nin Meze Yolculuğu

    Trilye’s Journey of Appetizers

    “I said we had become tired of the same appetizers; I didn’t say we were bored of them. On the contrary, I long for salted bonito, caught in the entry to the Bosphorus or in the Black Sea when there’s no wind from the south, and for the salted mackerel and mashed roe that have tasted the same for centuries, and to keep them on my dinner table. It is rare to find a menu in any other world cuisine that includes foods varying from salted roasted chickpeas to so many different appetizers that it could possibly be the longest list of food in the world.”

    Süreyya Üzmez introduces us to different flavors with extraordinary tastes in his second book “Trilye’s Journey of Appetizers”. Start your journey with brand-new recipes for appetizers.

  • Trilye's Passion For Fish

    Trilye's Passion for Fish

    Trilye is a must stop for foreign tourists, diplomats and ambassadors, along with guests from every province in Turkey. The popularity of the book among our foreign guests who share our passion for fish and seafood led us to publish Trilye’s Passion for Fish also in English.